CC#25 - NASA crashing a spacecraft into an asteriod, a town of millionaires & monte carlo simulation
CC#30 - Hardly working, moving to opportunity & schematic maps
CC #20 - Know your rules | History of the Wheelie Suitcase | Rotting Internet
Vaccine Markets, Real Life Learnings from Board Games & Cloth Folding Robots
Ideas for Disrupting Higher Ed, More Part-Time Perks & Dealing with Biomedical Weapons
Welcome to my little project.
CC#26 - when life gives you a blank canvas, cost of coffee & good exam questions
Justin Bieber, Survival Advice & Reflection
CC#34 - Process over Outcomes,Aversions vs Attraction & 1989 to 2021
Newfound Twitter Love, Effective Charities & Wine Conservation Advice
CC#27 - Spending less time working, Pickleball and a solar powered homepage
CC#33 - CEO on a sailboat,barbell strategy & the future of women's sports