CC#50 - Passive Pasta Cooking, Surviving without a Parachute & Layoffs in the Tech World
CC#49 - Building the Unmeasurable, Sugar Substitutes & Creative Solitude
CC#47 - Meta-Analysis Gone Wrong,Made with Bravery & Saunas Are Good For You
CC#47 - Social Media Trends, Political Debunking & Moving Asteroids
CC#46 - The Moral Machine Monster, Gratitude and Happiness & Vanlife
CC#45 - The Worth of a Friend, Not so Evil Plastic Bags & Normal Distributions in the Gym
CC#44 - The Bicycle is at Fault, EA criticism & Replacing Stock Images
CC#43 - Less COVID, more Malnourishment, Social Upward Mobility & a Glacier Collapse
CC#41 - Being Special, the Impact of the Metaverse on Dating & Dreaming of the American Dream
CC#41 - Human Intelligence, Lead Exposure in Europe & Mentoring Future Entrepreneurs
CC#40 - How to (not) Communicate, Sicily & Web Browser Evolution
CC#39 - Symbolic Regression to Infer the Laws of Physics, Successful Researchers and Founders & The National